About Us

In more than 20 years of operation, Physical Therapy at Flagstaff Athletic Club has been distinguished from its founding by its focus on one-on-one patient care. You will benefit from our patient centered treatment that may last up to one hour of treatment from an experienced physical therapist at each appointment.

Owner Dan Chitwood, who has his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and who embarked on his professional training following a tour of military service, has been personally practicing at the clinic since 2007, and his overall experience in his profession exceeds two decades.

We have earned a distinctive reputation for our excellence in treating back and neck pain, sports injuries and all orthopedic issues. Our specialized services include lumbar stabilization, dry needling, soft tissue massage, neuromuscular stimulation, joint mobilization and a full range of therapeutic, stretching and strengthening exercises.

We encourage you to be a partner in your own recovery, and we will take the time to discuss your treatment options and receive regular updates of progress towards intended outcomes.

Our company, which was previously known as Don Berlyn Physical Therapy, is an active member of the community of Flagstaff, supporting numerous events and contributing to the overall health education of our residents.